IACBOX - Version 21.0

V 21.0.210042021-03-31

This update will automatically reboot your system!


This is a new major release. Online update will be available in a few weeks.

Breaking changes

  • This version has a completely new login page module and the old one is removed. Login pages using the old CSS editor will be migrated to the new default page preserving background image and logo. Fully customized login pages via "Custom FTP" cannot be migrated. Automatic update will stop in this case.
  • Old WebAdmin version was removed.
  • Browser Support: Internet Explorer 11 is not supported anymore for complex settings like the new login page editor.
  • Initial login page/redirect: Remove user-URL as this is not present in typical connection check calls.
  • HTTP content filter and "simple webfilter" have been removed as outdated for unencrypted HTTP connections not being in use anymore.
  • Removed proxy features: Upstream proxy, proxy auto-detection and browser whitelist
  • Auto login based on user agent was removed.
  • "Periodic redirect" for unencrypted HTTP connections was removed as outdated.
  • Payment provider wirecard was removed.
  • Session limit was removed as there is no need for it nowadays. Tickets keep their usual ticket limit.
  • Login-API: PHP 7.4 is used now and custom code needs to run on this version.


  • New kernel 5.10 and system components with many security fixes.
  • Support for the newest and most secure TLS version 1.3
  • Separate TLS versions on Office- and Surf-LAN can be set.
  • Webserver supports TLS OCSP stapling now.
  • TLS certificate request (CSR) generator adds SAN attribute.


  • HTTP proxy will be removed with v22


  • Fully renewed Linux base system Frozentux v10.
  • ARM platform support (Beta) - as a start we have Raspberry-Pi image, more will follow including support for real ARM servers.
  • Support for onboard WiFi network cards (Beta) - supported on Raspberry-Pi right now.
  • New login page: Fully renewed login page module with different themes.
  • New login page: Supports different login pages per location (per VLAN or Route).
  • New login page: New set of background images.
  • New login page: DataCollector element for stand-alone usage, DataCollector Inline as extension to login forms.
  • New login page: Client side error validation.
  • New login page supports extension points for custom extensions.
  • New login page: Support for custom fonts.
  • Login page editor: Easy edititing of your login pages allows to add/remove elements.
  • Login page editor: Allows to change existing texts in any language and add new translations.
  • Login page editor: Login pages and themes can be downloaded and uploaded.
  • User and ticket overview renewed: Improved overview with powerful filters and new ticket detail view.


  • All PMS types are now available on the new login page.
  • All social login methods are now available on the new login page (Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • Whitelabel themes are now fully provisioned from our central servers.
  • WebAdmin: Improved usability on "create ticket" and "bulk ticket" pages.
  • WebAdmin: Show additional warnings on inconsistent settings.
  • WebAdmin: Added config page for "forgot password" option.
  • WebAdmin: Placement order of login methods is now part of the login page editor.
  • WebAdmin: Add predefined ticket templates for social, messaging, and online payment login method.
  • Migrate special operation modes "Free mode" and "Autologin mode" to settings available in standard mode.


  • WebAdmin: Handle UTF8 BOM prefixes on file uploads.
  • Network card detection improved on some VMs.
  • Setup: Remove long timeout when changing administrator password.
  • WebAdmin: Changing the password of another webadmin user in user management works now correctly.
  • Domain name extraction from certificates corrected.
  • And many other small fixes.

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